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Come join us in nature at Belair National Park!
  • Do you want your family to be healthier and happier?
  • Does your child love being outside? 
  • Do you want to meet like-minded children and families?
  • Do you want your child to get away from screens and technology?
  • Do you want to feel more connected as a family?
  • Do you want support to help your child regulate their big feelings?
  • Do you want to be a more mindful parent?
  • Do you want your child to develop more coordination skills, social skills and learn to be more confident?
  • Do you want to experience more than just a regular child development group?
  • Do you want your child to experience sensory learning in nature?
  • Do you want your child to grow up with a love of nature and care for the planet? …………………………… then come and JOIN US we would love to have you in our Play Naturally OT community!

Come and join our wonderful well-established community and be supported to connect with nature and experience the health and wellbeing benefits for yourself and your child!
We can’t wait to see you in nature!

Age and development level is flexible, siblings are welcome in any sessions, if you are unsure or the timing doesn’t suit, please contact Prue!

I never want finance to be a boundary to your time with us in nature so please just contact Prue to organise split payments or discuss a plan to suit you better.

I believe in the program so much that if after your first session you decide the program is really not for you and your child, then a refund is possible (less the amount of session you attended).

Other offers

Pre-school and School programs

The program is for childcare centres, community groups, preschools and primary schools
(reception – Year 2), to support children, families and educators health and wellbeing through nature connection.

The aim is to connect children with nature through play so they can gain the health and
wellbeing benefits
that therapeutic nature-based activities can provide. The program will also benefit the adults in the children’s lives too!

The objectives are to guide children to tune in to natural environments to support them to
calm their bodies, care for the nature and themselves, improve their coordination and
confidence through nature connection activities, and support their connection to
themselves and each other.
These objectives are carried out through play, as the children have fun in nature!

Broad topics addressed through the program include:
What is nature? Why nature and play is important? What are the health and wellbeing benefits of nature? How do we connect with nature? Fun and engaging activities to support
nature connection! What do we notice in nature and in ourselves?
How can also nurture nature, as nature nurtures us?  

The program can look like:    
75- 90 minute session or sessions (flexible depending on needs)
One off incursion/ excursions or 3-5 sessions program
Educators don’t require any additional training, fully guided program
An appropriate space outside, or visiting a nearby park would be required
No specialised equipment required
Once educators have participated in the program, they will be inspired to use nature based activities in their settings.
The program is inclusive and can be altered to a variety of abilities if required

These are some of the activities might include:
Exploring surroundings to foster curiosity and a love of learning.
Engaging all the senses to tune deeply into nature, enhancing sensory
development and can help calm the mind.
Games that encourage learning while playing, such as a scavenger hunt to
find and identify different types of leaves or trees
Using natural materials like rocks, sticks and leaves to create art or build structure. This can help children develop creativity, problem solving and regulate emotions.
Drawing and recording observations and thoughts about the natural world helps with fine motor, writing and observations skills, as well as expressing themselves.
Group activities to promote development of social skills and connections.

Evidence to support these programs: 
Nature improves health and wellbeing, spending time in nature provides children with a wide range of health benefits including: – increased vitamin D levels, reduced near-sightedness, increased physical activity, reduced risk of obesity, improved relationship skills and reduced stress, anger and aggression – which all lead to greater wellbeing
Nature can improve academic outcomes. Learning in natural environment can boost performance in reading, writing, math, science and social studies, and can enhance creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.
Spending time in nature can help children focus their attention, and has been shown to have decrease symptoms of ADHD
Exploration and discovery through outdoor experiences can promote motivation to learn
Green schoolyards and exposure to nature helps kids feel calmer and less stressed, positive and restored and more resilient. There is also evidence that children are better able to cope with stress when they are near trees and other greenery.
Green schoolyards and exposure to nature promotes social-emotional skills. Children demonstrate more cooperative play, civil behaviour and positive social relationships. Children also have greater self-awareness and self-management, hence reducing aggression and discipline problems and helping students feel proud, responsible and confident.

Childhood has moved indoors recently and it leaves our kids disconnected from the natural word, this program support children to get outside, connect with nature again and improve their health and wellbeing while having fun, learning so much and feeling better!

For further details including pricing and availability contact
via email [email protected]

PD for educators, parents, anyone interested in how we can support our children and ourselves to connect with nature with their health and wellbeing benefits!

Content of session includes:

  • nature connection activities
  • evidence of why nature and children is essential
  • information about nature -what actually is nature and where is it
  • information about how we connect with nature and what this looks like
  • practical ideas to use immediately to support nature connection, learning, health and happiness in our children
  • ideas of how to look after your own wellbeing as adults
  • session is flexible and can be tailored to suit your group and learning desires

Contact Prue at [email protected] for details including pricing and availability

Previous Events

Play Naturally OT was excited to host an event in the Nature Festival SA 2023!


We would love you to join us in nature soon!
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